How to system restore in windows XP?

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How to system restore in windows XP? I was using my computer a moment ago. I was installing the driver of my video card and then suddenly, my monitor became blurred. I freaked out because I don't know what happened. I just followed the instruction. I called my friend for help and then she told me, to do a system restore but unfortunately, she didn't tell me how to do it, because a friend of her's just told her too. My operating system is Windows XP. Can anyone teach me how to system restore? How to system restore in Windows XP?

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How to system restore in windows XP?


It's on the system tools. Check it out.

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How to system restore in windows XP?


Go to start -> Click All Programs -> Click Accessories -> Click System Tools.

From there you can find the System Restore. It is a component of MS Windows Me, XP, Vista and Windows 7. But you will unable to find it from the Windows 2000. System restore allows you to rollback the system files, installed programs, registry keys etc., to a previous time point where the event before the system malfunction or failure occurs. You will find an improved interface in Windows Vista and later versions, which are created based on Shadow Copy technique.

In previous versions it was based on basically a file filter, which is watching changes for a certain set of file extensions. Then they copy files before they are overridden. Advantage of the Shadow Copy is that it has the block level changes in files located in any directory. And the volume can be tracked and backed up, regardless of its location. System Restore do not affect personal files, like emails, documents, photos etc.

Some software installations create restore points in the OS automatically. It will create snapshots of critical system files, program files and registry settings whenever a system changes such like software installation. It stores this information as restore points. It can also change scripts, batch files and other executable files on your PC. If your PC is not functioning well, you can use these snapshots, what you have to call on as restore points, to return Windows XP to a previous state, the time it will behave correctly.

Well let's start doing this. Go to the System Restore wizard screen by following the path given above. There you will be given two options.

  • Restore my computer to an earlier time.
  • Create a restore point.

Select option 1. Then you'll be given a calendar with highlighted dates. Those are the dates where restore points manually created by the OS. So click on a highlighted date, then the right side panel will have the restore points. Then select one of them. After that you'll get a confirmation screen. It will ask whether you really want to do a system restore and some other questions, just answer yes. Simply say you want.

Then your system will reboot and restore back to the previous configuration that you selected. If you want to know more about the 2nd option. It is the place where you can manually create a restore point, other than automatically, when a system changes such like software installation, update etc.

When you select this option and click next, you'll be given a screen where you can create the restore point on the current time. You'll have to give a description. I mean something memorable, something like why you create this, etc. After a while you'll get a confirmation of saying Restore Point Created.

How restore points created.

  • Software is installed using the Windows Installer, Package Installer or other installers which are aware of System Restore.
  • Windows Update installs new updates to Windows.
  • Driver installation / update.
  • 24 hours of computer use.
  • File Backup and Complete PC Backup.

Old restore points are deleted in FIFO (First in First Out) basis as the space reserved.

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How to system restore in windows XP?

Hello Dear,
Thanks for sharing your problem with us.
Dear it is so easy to restore your computer to an earlier time.
For this, click on start button then click on all programs and then choose accessories.
In accessories choose system tools and then click on system restore.
When you will click on system restore. This window will open.
In this window choose these highlighted items. Press next.
One more window will open.
Here you will see a calendar in this picture. You can select only those dates to restore which are bold written.
Select desired restoration date and press next and then finish. It will restart your computer after restoring some files.
I hope it will help you a lot.

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