Enter into CMOS or BIOS

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How to Enter into BIOS or CMOS setup in Windows OS?

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Enter into CMOS or BIOS


Well every Operating System having its own way to enter into the BIOS while you never mentioned about your Operating System. Well I can tell you some shortcut keys to enter into the BIOS of a PC you try one of them will help you to enter into your Operating System's BIOS.

While before this as you will start your Operating System there is in startup a key will be shown the press F10 or F2 to enter in the setup you just press the relevant key and your Operating System will be entered in the BIOS will normally these short keys are mostly used to enter into the BIOS F10, ESC, DEL, F2, & F1 try all one will be yours.

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Enter into CMOS or BIOS


Mostly, hitting F2 would lead you to the BIOS setup.

 F12 would open a menu where you can choose if you want to boot through the:

  • CD-ROM drive
  • Floppy Disk Drive
  • Normal
  • Or to have a drive diagnostic

Drive diagnostic is almost the same as running a scan disk on your hard drive. In drive diagnostic, instead of scanning the hard drive for errors like cross-linked files or DOS reports a wrong free space count, here, it scans the hard drive’s partition for errors.

If you are not familiar with the BIOS setup, don’t attempt to access it. You might accidentally misconfigure your computer. If you are asking if you can open the BIOS setup in Windows, it is not possible. BIOS setup is only accessible upon booting, before Windows starts loading.

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Enter into CMOS or BIOS


To access BIOS on your machine, you will need to restart your computer and then wait for the first screen that will come to the screen that specify which key you will need to press to enter the BIOS setup.

You only have a few seconds to perform this. It can be:

1. Function keys like F1, F2 or F3

2. Esc

3. Del

Press the key as soon as the first screen appears.


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