Dictation software for an iPad

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Dictation software for an iPad is there any software that while we talk it types for us? I have iPad 2. Thanks in advance.


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Dictation software for an iPad



There is an application out in the iTunes store called Dragon Dictation by Nunance Communications.  This is a voice recognition application that allows you to speak into the phone as you see the text typing for you.  It's actually proven to be 5 times quicker than typing you. 

It works for text messages and email messages.  It's a fairly new app on the Apple market that just came out December 13th last year.  The latest version out is 2.0.16 and it is compatible with the iPad 2 such as yours.

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Dictation software for an iPad


Yes, there is an excellent voice dictator named Dragon Voice Dictation for your iPad.

Now I am telling you how to Use iPad Voice Dictation.

It is very easy:

1. Tap the microphone button (microphone symbol) on the iPad's on-screen keyboard. (Need good internet connection)

2. Now start talking. The iPad will record your voice and turn it into text when you are finished. (The key word is important)

3. Tap the done button to stop dictating. A few second later your voice will be converted into text format. Now you have to adjust misspelled word

The great thing about this implementation is that voice dictation is readily available any time the on-screen keyboard is available, which means no hunting around for it when you really need it.

 You should remember some iPad Voice Dictation Keywords

"Period". = "."

"Question Mark"= "?"

"New Paragraph". =”starts a new paragraph”

"Exclamation Point"= "!"

"Comma"= ","

"Colon"= ";"


"Elipsis"= "…"

"Slash". = "/"

"Asterisk”= "*"


"At Sign"= "@"



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