IPad not starting up issue

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I have been using my cousin's iPad for a couple of days now and all of the sudden, I can't get it to work. After turning on the power, it  shows the circle, waiting icon in the center of the screen. I have tried waiting for it to start up, for hours even, but still no use.

How can I fix this? My cousin is gonna kill me for this.


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IPad not starting up issue


Hi Juliekent,

  • Check if you have a good power supply.  Check if the power cord is properly connected and that the wall outlet to which it is connected to is really working.  You can also try to disconnect and reconnect the cables to really ensure a tight and good fit.  Another option would be to use a different power cord or power adapter and see if the iPad turns on.  If it does, then your cables are the culprit.


  • Check the connecting dock of your iPad.  You can test if the connecting dock is damaged if you try to connect the iPad to a computer and the computer does not recognize the device.  If this is the one causing the problem, just replace the connecting dock and you’ll be fine.


  • Check if the battery still has some charge.


  • Make sure that the display you’re using is turned on.  If you’re using an external display, check if it’s properly connected to the iPad as well and that the graphics card is securely connected.


  • Check the AirPort card.  Unplug your computer and make sure that the AirPort card is tightly and securely put in place.  You can remove the card and replace it back in to further verify the good connection.


  • Disconnect all other devices connected to your iPad (if there’s any).  Once you have removed all other cables, try to turn the iPad on again.


  • Connect the iPad to a USB cable.  Before doing this, make sure that the iPad is turned off by pressing and holding down the Power and Home buttons at the same time.  When you have ensured that the iPad is off, hold the Home button and plug in the USB cable to a computer.  Just continue to press down on the Home button until you see that the computer has detected the iPad.  If it says that the iPad is in restore mode, let the process finish and when it’s done, you can now disconnect the iPad from the USB connection and see if it’s now working.


  • If all the above suggestions fail, there may be a need to reset your iPad.  To do this, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time.  Continue to hold for around 10 seconds or until the Apple logo appears on your screen.


  • If the problem persists, take the iPad to the nearest Apple store as your device may need a firmware restore.
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IPad not starting up issue



I understand that your Ipad is not turning on. Don’t worry; I can help you fix the issue. I suggest you to try the following steps:

>> Try to hold both the home button and the wake button down at the same time. You’ll see the Apple logo appearing on your screen after holding it for a couple of seconds, which means your Ipad is booting up and should be good to go in a few more seconds.

>> Since you have tried this, make sure the battery is not completely drained.

>> Try to charge the iPAD with the charger.

>> If your Ipad still won't turn on, there may be a hardware failure. I suggest you to locate the nearest Apple dealer and get it serviced. It will not cost you a big amount for the service.

>> Alternatively, you can contact the Apple support using this link

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.

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IPad not starting up issue



Sorry to hear about the iPad.  It's definitely frustrating when something that should be working stops for no reason!  There are a couple things that you can do to single out why the iPad is not starting up.  First there are a couple of questions that you need to ask yourself to single out any other possible causes for this the iPad to not start up completely. 

Has the iPad been:

Dropped? If it has been dropped there could be an internal issue with the hardware.  It might be a good option for you to take it to an Apple store.  Someone at the genius bar can assist you.

Near water?  Same as if it were dropped ^

Charged or hooked up to the charger for more than an hour?  Sometimes the device just needs a full charge before it will start up again.  Hook it up to a computer, or a wall charger to see if an hour or so would get it past that initial screen.

Updated recently?  If it was updated recently, there is a possibility that the update could have been corrupted, not allowing you to start the iPad completely.  

Acting weird before?  If it has had a history of having glitches, apps turning off while using them, or any other out of the ordinary issues then it might be time to do a restore from backup on the iTunes account and then running an update on the iPad software.

Some other things to consider:

Ask your cousin if they have a full backup on their home computer of the iPad.  If they have a backup they will be able to restore the device using the tool included in iTunes.

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