DELL Latitude D620 AC power adapter not recognized

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I own a DELL L attitude D620 laptop which i purchased about 1 year ago, the warranty has expired. It has been working fine, but one day after booting, i got this message, “The AC power adapter cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a HP AC adapter for best system performance”.

I tried twisting the cable a little bit and it could transmit charge for a second or two and then go off. Sometimes it seems to be working but immediately i switch off the socket the computer shuts down immediately, signifying the battery never acquired any charge. I have a second thought of trying to fix it myself because i may cause more damage. I need to fix the charger without purchasing a new one.

My questions are-: Can any software be used to troubleshoot this problem and make the computer recognize the charger? What is your suggestion to fix this?

If i took it to someone, how long do you think it would take them to fix it? If i take it for repair, approximately how much would it cost?

I will be grateful for any help.

Have a great day everyone!

The error message is attached below

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DELL Latitude D620 AC power adapter not recognized


Hi Oliver,

I have gone through your problem today and let me inform you that I also had the same problem few months ago. As laptop adapter is an external hardware, you only can use some software to find whether the adapter works or not. But you cannot use it to know the problems or to fix them.

So, software can’t makes you smile. It is better to replace it. Some workshops repair them but it is too dangerous to use with laptop as it is very expensive. Repair cost will not expense too much. But replacing costs a little bit about 65$ to 75$ for your laptop brand. There are some other brands costs a little low which you can also use.

But be careful, before using it, Please check its voltage and flow of electricity to confirm that is it match with the old one.

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DELL Latitude D620 AC power adapter not recognized


Check your charging port and charging jack. After that check whether, the current come to the jack across the wire. There is single cable (thin wire) which provides the data about the battery to laptop. If it get damaged this error can occur. And also this may occur if there any problem in the circuit which provides the data.

So go to a technician and repair your adapter.

It is a one hour job   

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