Deleting visited websites summaries in IE

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A friend seeking for help asked for me on how to disable or delete summary of websites he had visited which is found in the scroll page as shown below. Right clicking on specified sites does not give any option to delete it. What's the best thing my friend can do?

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Deleting visited websites summaries in IE


To delete the webpage or browsing history, open your internet explorer and click the tools menu in the upper bar. Just click and delete browsing history at the top. In the temporary internet files also click delete files. Then just click yes when prompted when you are sure to delete these files.Below are the sample images.

On the other hand Clear the cache in the current page you are visiting, 

  1. Press hold CRTL of the keyboard,
  2. Then press F5 and
  3. Then the refresh button.
To delete the webpage or browsing history Press hold CRTL on the keyboard
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Deleting visited websites summaries in IE



This is not the right way. It won't get deleted rather it will select the page when you right click it.

Therefore, You have to go to the "History menu" above in your browser, then select "Show All History", then regarding the day you used (like today or yesterday or last 7 days) click according to the page which you browsed and which ever site you want to delete. You can right click and the options will appear. So go to "Delete this page" and then your page will be deleted and if you check back at the browser's address bar, it won't show.

And if you want to delete all the pages except the bookmarked pages and user IDs, then you can go "Tools menu" then on clicking it you'll see "Clear recent history", click it and a dialogue box appears. Then you'll see "Time range to clear" select according to what you want to clear up. Then deselect the "Cookies", "Cache"and "Active logins".

This would help you solve your query.


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Deleting visited websites summaries in IE


Hello My Dear,

It seems that you have not cleared your browsing history in Internet Explorer, so a list of websites that you have opened before. It is very easy to clear this list.

I will give you three methods to open the specific window.

1. Right Click on Internet Explorer and choose properties.

2. Open Internet Explorer and click on “tools”, then click on Internet Options.

3. Type "inetcpl.cpl" in Run and press enter.

All of these will open the properties of Internet Explorer and will look like this picture.

Tools then click on Internet Oprions

You should click on all of these buttons, which are highlighted in the picture one by one. Then, this window will appear.

Internet Options to delete History

Click on YES and enjoy.

Now, you have cleared your browsing history. Thanks.



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