Internet Explorer pop-up shows up and I can’t close it.

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I am experiencing an odd thing about Internet Explorer. It shows us automatically and shows-

"You’re last browsing session closed unexpectedly."

The Bad thing is that I cannot close it, and there is no Internet explorer icon on task bar. But iexplorer.exe is running.

And when I close it says "Your tab has been recovered".

Another thing is that I never run the Internet Explorer.

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Internet Explorer pop-up shows up and I can’t close it.


Internet explorer is a messy software that is why we all avoid it. But you have mentioned that you don't even use it and still get the message. So it might be something to do with a virus that is in your PC.

Because most viruses associates themselves with the default browser of windows which is internet explorer.

Maybe every time when you start your computer the virus tries to start up the internet explorer and fails to do so.

  1. Install a good antivirus and run a full scan. Also scan your computer online from a verified site.
  2. From the start open Run and type msconfig.
  3. In the services tab look for any service of internet explorer and uncheck it and save.
  4. Similarly go to startup tab and look for any process related to internet explorer and uncheck it too.
  5. Click ok,restart your computer and I hope that you won't see that sheet again.

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