Dark monitor or screen with Chillblast Helix laptop

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I just bought this laptop 1 week ago. I was able to use it for few days with no issues. Recently I noticed that the screen keeps on losing its bright color. I never changed anything in the settings of my laptop. I didn’t install any software or hardware with this laptop. Can you show me how to resolve this issue? Can you tell me possible cause of this problem? Please remember I never touched anything of its settings. Is there any alternative way to resolve this problem and to prevent it from happening again?

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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Dark monitor or screen with Chillblast Helix laptop

  • According to the limited details you have provided it seems that the computer is switched in to its power saving mode. So try adjusting the brightness or connect the lap to the charger.
  • Also, it can be the power saving option that causes the issue.

    • Go to Start >> Control Panel >> System and Security >> Power Options >> Screen Brightness >> adjust the brightness settings as preferred >> ok >> apply  CONTROL PANEL DISPLAY REDUCE REFRESH RATE
  • If all these steps fail to solve the issue, go to control panel >> display >> refresh rate & try reducing the refresh rate.
  • Also try installing the updates of the video card drivers, if any, by visiting the service site of your computer.

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