Monitor keeps on turning off while in working

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I am using Acer's H257HU. I didn’t have any problems in the last few days. Recently it keeps on turning off. I never installed any new software or devices in in my desktop computer. What’s causing this problems? Could it be a bad monitor or my video card? If it is not with the monitor, how can I fix this? Can you provide me step-by-step on how to resolve this issue? What the things I need to consider before going back to the retail store?

Thank you!

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Monitor keeps on turning off while in working


Hello Christine!

There are several ways to resolve your problem. Please follow my expert advice illustrated below.

Make sure that the connections are finger tight.

1. Removing and plugging back on the connectors will replenish the connectors. The reason behind this is that because of static, dirt, heat contributes to factor that connections get lose because if a matter is hot it expands, if any matter is cold it will contract.

Daily check-up of your computer.

1. Check the connections and computer.

2. Check if there’s any dirt. Corrosion or tarnishing of silicon devices is also a factor that causes problems to computers especially in memory and graphic cards.

Calibrate the video card. Always check for upgrades to make sure that the fixes you’ll download will fill the gaps in your computer’s hardware. To upgrade the hardware’s driver do the following steps below.

1. Go to Start >> Control Panel >> click “Device Manager.”

2. Drop down the list before any specified device in the main window.

3. Right-click on each device and select “Update Driver Software…”

4. Just follow the on-screen guide and restart your system.

5. Do this to the rest of your devices that requires fixes.

Adding more modules in your computer will increase speed and add more performance. Adding memory or upgrading graphics card will give you extra mile. 

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