The Criterion’s To Select The Least Expensive Inkjet Printer To Operate.

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Printers are required to bring the data from computer to paper. Selecting a printer from the market can be a headache due to the competition and the several features available. One of the important criterions is cost. How to select a least expensive inkjet printer to operate?

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The Criterion’s To Select The Least Expensive Inkjet Printer To Operate.


Categories of printers:

1)    General purpose.

2)    Intended use.

3)    Technology.


Inkjets are general purpose printers that print the text, images and graphics.

Label printer and portable printers are included in the special purpose printers.

First, decide whether you want a tool to only print or further outputs.

The technologies include laser and inkjet. Laser print high quality image and text whereas inkjets do the opposite.




Next decide if you want to just print or want other features like scanning, faxing, Xerox, copying etc. office printers require these additional features.

Some printers provide web-enabled printing. They can even connect to the mobile devices.

Next decide if you want a mono or color printer. Mono laser printer do black and white printing. If the presentation matters then go fo the second option whereas if you want just the data on your hand then go with the first.

Do keep in mind that the color printer are way more expensive than the mono printers.


Space is required by any device. Decide according to the space available for your printer.

Define the connectivity mode. It can be either by the Ethernet ports or wireless network. Check if they can connect to a mobile device via NFC.

The output quality is the most important thing. It does not mean that if you are getting a high-quality of text then you will get the same for graphics and images.

Speed of printing matters when we have to print in a large number like pamphlets for promotion.

Cost does matter. The printer must have all the features required along with the cost under budget. Calculate the cost per year for every type of output. Multiply it with the number of years you wish to use it. And check if it is affordable and beneficial to invest.

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