Creating a website that will need SEO

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There is a friend of mine who is starting to create his own website and wants to have a good ranking in various search engines. Google has a lot of resources that can give him advice on that.

But we have not tried looking for other search engines like Yahoo and MSN.  

Does anyone know how to get good ranking on those search engines? 


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Creating a website that will need SEO


To be rate high in a search engine such as Yahoo, MSN, Bing or any other search engine requires you to create a meta tags, SEO or keywords good enough to create buzz from the Internet.

A website must have a keywords on there articles written and displayed in there homepage. A good keywords will win the war between keywords on other websites. A unique keywords usually wins the battle and these so-called search engine will high you ranks among others.

Meta tags also is important to rate your websites higher than the others. A good meta tags will let this search engine rate you first amongst others. If someone search something and this search engine will locate these keywords and meta tags, it will then display the results because it met all requirements, rules and procedure of a search engine.

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Creating a website that will need SEO


Hi Camren,

As you are looking to get good rank for your site on other search engines along with google, you do not need to worry a lot as however different search engines have different alogrithms to rank a website but their's no major difference in there's alogrithms and you do not need to specifically promote your site for the other search engines and you can promote your site for all the search engines at the same time.

The major difference between Google and other search engines alogrithm is that Google does not consider website meta tags (includes targeted keywords) while ranking a website but other search engines specially yahoo and bing still consider meta tags(title tag, meta description, keywords tag etc.) while ranking a website.

Also, in terms of yahoo, better to submit your site in yahoo directory that will help you rank better in yahoo.

You just need to use proper meta tags along with all other activities you use for promotion on Google and sure your site will get good rank on other search engines along with Google.




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