The components of a Search Engine and what they do.

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What are the components of a search engine? What is the use of a program with respect to Search engine optimization? What is the role of the Search engine in SEO? What are the basic actions performed by the search engine which helps users to access relevant data with increased accuracy.

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The components of a Search Engine and what they do.


Hello Corey,

The components of a search engine are 1) The Web Crawler, 2) The Database, 3) The Search Algorithm, 4) The Ranking Algorithm.
The way a search engine performs through its components are given below–

A web crawler basically combs through various webpages on Internet and collects information for search engine. The frequency of retrieving information from webpages is not same for a web crawler, some webpages it visits very often rather than others.

A database in the search engine is the key or we can say brain of search engine. A user search information on search engine to fetch data, and these data are kept on database. Now these data is collected by web crawler what is mentioned earlier and it stores those information to search engine database. So when a user do a search through a search engine, the user basically do a search on search engine database and not in live internet. Search engines tend to have large volume of database and that is natural in terms of their usability and operation in internet.

A search algorithm is a tool through which a search engine basically interprets the search terms what a user enters on search box and then hit the database for information search, a search algorithm may search based on the exact term given by user or it may search based on relevant or close matches of search term given by user, Google search use the second type search algorithm to give vast results to the user.

The ranking algorithm is a tool for search engine through which a search engine decides the rank of results comes out from a search. This algorithm generally decides ranking based on the location and frequency based availability of search terms in webpages. If a search term is available at first page of a website and that term is repeated highest times on that website, then ranking algorithm gives that site first rank on the list of results. Sometimes links between webpages where the search term is available determines ranking of websites on results list.

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a process of increasing the availability, visibility and highest rank show of a website or a webpage on a search engine results based on a simple search. The higher the rank, the higher the visibility, the website or webpage get more hit from users. SEO program is basically a tool to perform search engine optimization process efficiently so that a website of a business is more visible with a higher rank in search engine results.

Search Engines basically acts as an answer machine or answer bank in SEO. When a user do a search with some specific terms, search engine do a search on its database and find the exact answers, close answers, relevant answers, useful answers with respect to search terms.

When a search engines receives a search request from user then it converts that term to its own search language by search algorithm tool. After that it does its search on database for results and after getting results it use ranking algorithm to ranking websites or webpages on results list and the show to user. This way it works basically.

Derick Harris

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