What is PageRank penalty ?

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Hello guys,

I need some simple explanation about PageRank penalty, what is PageRank penalty and how does it relate to SEO? SEO experts , please help me.

Thank you

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What is PageRank penalty ?



Page rank penalty is greatly related to SEO.Page rank is a value determined by search engines depending on contents,articles,backlinks,monthly visitors,time of staying visitors of your website or blog.SEO is the technique to increase page rank and then visitors by search engine.

So different SEO methods are applied on articles,building backlinks,buying visitors from PTC or surfing sites,advertising,posting articles to related forums or sites,social activity such as Facebook like,share,Google plus,twitter like or share and so on.

Search engines want to deliver more informative and valuable pages to their customers.So if your site is not so useful but you have done over SEO or copied articles from other sites you may get penalized.

As for example keyword is a important thing and you have implemented keywords only in html or other forms that are read by search engine and visitors can not see,you will get penalized. So if you do any illegal activity you will get penalized.

And finally page rank penalty is an action taken by search engines to demote or cancel your site from their search engines.

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What is PageRank penalty ?


I think what you mean by PageRank penalty is the Google penalty. The Google penalty is the negative effect on a website’s search rankings. This is based on the updates to Google’s search algorithms including manual review. The penalty can be an adverse side-effect of an algorithm update. It can also be a deliberate punishment for different black-hat SEO methods.

The Google search engine presented a new kind of penalty for websites that utilize questionable search engine optimization methods by the end of 2001. They will be given a PageRank of zero “0”. In SEO forums, this term is called PR0. In PR0, all or countless pages of a website show a PageRank of 0 in the Google Toolbar though they have high quality inbound links.

These pages bearing the 0 PageRank are not eliminated from the Google index but instead, they always appear at the end of the search results that’s why they can hardly be found. Google penalizes websites that engages in practices that are against the webmaster guidelines. The penalties can be the outcome of an algorithm update like the Google Penguin or a manual review.

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