The Process of adding “Google adds” to a website..

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I have a website to assist and enhance the retail trading. Now i want to place "Google adds" to my site.

How can i add "Google adds" to my website?

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The Process of adding “Google adds” to a website..


To create a poster, simply click on the My Ads tab.

Type in an exceedingly name for your advertisement. Note that every ad name ought to be distinctive. Use the scale pull-down menu to pick out one in all the ad sizes.
Use the Ad sort pull-down menu to pick out one in all the 3 on the market varieties. The Text & image/rich media ads is that the default sort. selecting this permits your ad to show either plain text or a graphical ad.
If you wish to be able to track specific sections of your website} (or a selected site if you have got over one), you'll produce custom channels.
Select one in all the Backup ads. This determines what's displayed on your web site if an applicable ad becomes briefly unavailable.
Select one in all the color palettes for your ad. Google AdSense can show an example of how your ad can look–preview it to create an applicable choice.
Choose a font family and ad box corner vogue. Hit Save and find code.
Copy the JavaScript code from the Ad code box and paste it into your web site.
Note: Where you place the code on your web {site} depends on how your site was being  constructed.                
Or you can also try this:
How do I place Google AdSense on my Website? 
1. Firstly, you wish to SIGN-UP to fast on information superhighway and SIGN-UP to Google AdSense. 
2. Now, log into the AdSense toolkit and attend 'Content' or 'Search', consistent with your preference. as an example, if you would like to show some advertising in your web site, attend 'AdSense for Content'. 
3. Select your choices from: 
'Ad unit' or 'Link unit'
Colors (Color palettes – choose a default palette or produce a novel palette for your own website)
Your AdSense Code (this is that the code you'll 'copy' and 'paste' onto your internet page) 
5. Now, log into your toolkit at fast on information superhighway and go to: 
Edit the online page that where you plan to 'paste' within the code
Click on <>
Paste within the AdSense Code
Save the page
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The Process of adding “Google adds” to a website..



You need to sign up for an AdSense account first. If your content is good and your page views are healthy you will surely get the approval and then ads will automatically start appearing on your website. But your website shouldn't have copied content and it should be older than 6 months although this isn't compulsory but most of the times Google rejects applications based upon these factors only.

All the best for your earnings!

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