How to create shares on Windows Servers accessible by Mac and Windows

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A Mac computer was added to our existing network which consists of a Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller and File Server. There are existing shares on this server which is already accessible to our current users. I want these shares to be accessible to the user of the Mac computer. I tried browsing to the file server but cannot see these folders. What do i need to do to make these folders visible on the Mac computer.

The user needs to be able to read and edit documents in these folders. I also want to create new shares which should also be visible to both the windows users and the mac user. I also have a printer connected to the mac computer which i would like to share for the windows users. Is that also possible?

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How to create shares on Windows Servers accessible by Mac and Windows



Good day PaytonWilson,

First of all, it has to be noted that both Mac and Windows are two different operating system. Different operating system would mean different file system. That would mean that each operating system has it's own way of interpreting and understanding each files and directory structure.

In order for your Mac computer to see your file and directories in your Windows Server, connect the Mac to your Windows. To do that, click the "Go" from the main menu in your Mac. Click "Connect to server". You can also press Apple-K as a shortcut.
From there, a panel is displayed for you. Type in "smb://" plus the IP address of your Window Server. For example, if your Windows Server IP address is, then type in "smb://" then click "Ok" or "Connect". Then type in you username and password.

Now, go back to your desktop. Your Windows Server is now mounted on your Desktop. You are now able to read and edit documents on your mounted server.

And in order for you to create new shares visible to windows and Mac user, go to System Preferences (usually located in your Dock). Then click Sharing and enable Personal File Sharing and Windows Sharing so as to enable it. Then, click the "+" button under "Shared Folders". A sheet will pop up. From there, navigate to your desired folder to share.

As an additional note, remember that Firewall setting may override any of your settings above.

With regards to your printer, yes, it is possible. Make sure to have the printer driver both installed in Mac and Windows.


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How to create shares on Windows Servers accessible by Mac and Windows


You will need to make sure that the  Mac PC has been shared on the network too so that you can be able to browse its files:

You will make that sure you have checked your finder preferences, and make sure that you have set it to show the shared computers in sidebar. To access the side bar you will just follow the steps that follows:

  • Go to Finder
  • And then Preferences
  • An then Sidebar(Tab)
  • And then make sure 'under the shared Bonjour & Connected Servers Options' have been checked.

You will also need to ensure that your windows machine's firewall has File Sharing Enabled so that it does not prevent sharing of files on the network.

-Clair Charles


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