What are the activities of FileZilla on XAMPP ?

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I use XAMPP as localhost on my PC . I want to send email using localhost . But I can't send email through XAMPP . What are the activities of FileZilla on XAMPP ? Can you help me about these issues ?

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What are the activities of FileZilla on XAMPP ?


First let's start with the easy part of your question , what does filezella in XAMPP? Actually the question is what is filezella, so if you know it  , you will know what it does. So filezilla is an FTP software, composed of both the client and server parts, which will allow you to transfer files from your local computer to a remote server and vice-versa, and that what it does within the XAMPP package. 

The second part; how you can send mails from your local host
You can use either phpMailer  (Download Link1) or pear/mail  (Download Link2  ) which both are able to connect from the local network to a Gmail or other, and allow you to send email. Note that the mail server uses the SSL authentication method so will need to enable the php_openssl entry in the php.ini file 
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What are the activities of FileZilla on XAMPP ?


Hello Siraz,

Note that windows does not have a mail server onboard and therefore to be able to send mail locally will need to install Mercury Mailserver which is not available in some versions of Xampp. Or you can go ahead and define a usable mailserver in the php.ini or you can just use the included send mail relay using a mailserver that need to be aunthenticated.

I hope that you're using XAMPP only as a testing environment and therefore the mail that you are trying to send should be only for testing. So what you will need to do is to use the sendmail and after that you will let it connect to the mailserver of your E-Mail provider, and then you will do the following:

  • Go to the sendmail folder and look for the file sendmail.ini.
  • You will need to open it and then take then change the values to the appropriate values of your E-Mail provider.
  • After that you will need to go to the php.ini and then comment out smtp as well as smtp_port, set sendmail_from to your E-Mail Address and uncomment sendmail_path.
  • After that you can restart Apache and it should work.



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