Create start up disk for new version of Ubuntu

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Hi All,

I’m having trouble creating a Ubuntu 10.04 start up disk in USB Kingston 2GB with the use of my HP Pavillion 6500 laptop that have an Ubuntu 9.04. I tried several times of creating start up disk but it fails. I tried a solution of formatting the USB drive and creating it but same problem occur. What could be the solution of this? 

Errors receive:

Installation Failed

An uncaught exception was raised:[Errno 5]Input/output error

Please Help. Thanks in advance.

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Create start up disk for new version of Ubuntu




The proper way to create the startup disk / install Ubuntu from a flash drive is to use the “usb-Creator Program” which is available in the Ubuntu iso program.

Now coming to your problem, there are multiple reasons which can produce this error, and you should check them one by one. So start with checking your RAM, you can use the program called “Memtest86+” , ( A trick, if you have more than one memory stick try using only one and temporarily remove the others, after the booting is complete for the first time, you can them add those sticks again)

If you still see the error, then try installing using the program called “UNetbootin” available from :    This program does not require any installation, just double click on the downloaded file and the program will run.

On the open dialogue, select your ISO image for Ubuntu, or the installation package you have downloaded, and select your FORMATTED FLASH drive, and click on OK.

The files will be extracted from the iso image, copied on flash drive, and the bootloader will be installed.


Pheonix team

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