CPU makes so much noise

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I am facing a serious problem now a days that my the fan of my cpu makes so much noise tell me the reason and how can i get rid of it?

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CPU makes so much noise


Hello Madoona,

There are numbers of possible issue why your computer create so much noise, specially the fan and other components inside. Here are the list below;

1. Fan maybe loose and needs to install properly
2. Try removing the case of your Central Processing Unit(CPU) then observe if the noise still there.
3. Fan may not spinning well because of unclean has too much dirt inside.
4. Consider replacing the Fan because this might be the issue

If all of the above mention did not fix the problem, you may give us another information and post it her so we can provide more details.

Hope it works.

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CPU makes so much noise


There are so many reasons why a CPU fan gets noisy.

One possible reason is too much heat developed inside your casing. Your systems automatically increase the fan speed when higher temperature is detected inside your casing. This will produce noisier than the normal speed of your fan. Try to have some ventilation in your CPU casing.

Dust and dirt may also cause the CPU fan noisy. You have to remove or clean the dust and dirt that embedded inside your CPU components.

Worn-out CPU fan is also noisy especially when the fun is almost busted. Repair or replace the CPU fan.

Wirings and cables touch the fan. Get those cables away from the fan. Tied them if necessary to avoid touching the fan.

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