Fan makes noise for more or less then 20 seconds

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Hello experts, 

Few days ago when I switched the power button of my pc a noise came in to my attention and it stayed for about a 20 seconds and then stopped.

After then it became a tradition so I properly cleaned it with vacuum cleaner but it didn't help a bit.

Then I tried to hear it closely and found out I had a fan in the power supply box in my cpu which makes this kind of noise.

My question is how to fix it?

Thanks in advance. 

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Fan makes noise for more or less then 20 seconds



In your issue, there are two solutions:

1. Replace the Power Supply and

2. Replace the CPU Fan

Replace the Power Supply:

If your local Computer Technician finds nothing wrong with the Power Supply, you can still replace the fan with newer model to get rid of that noise. There are power supply manufacturers that produce less noise power supplies that the standard type. The silent type power supplies can emit less than 20 decibels of noise even during high periods of usage.

Replace the CPU Fan:

These are small fans that mounted over the top of the processor chip and the heat sink at the base. They become noisier as you use them for longer periods of time, especially when it's filled with dirt and when the plastic fan blades worn out with heat and start scraping the fan casing. You can replace the older fan with a new and better one for quieter operation. Manufacturers of these items offer many models of silent fans that will not only reduce the noise but also offers better cooling function.

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Fan makes noise for more or less then 20 seconds


If you already tried to clean the fan on your PSU and it did not resolve the issue, try to run minimal applications or programs to verify if this is the cause of the issue. And also, try removing your PSU and insert it to another PC.

If you are still hearing the noise then you need to replace your PSU as it becomes damaged. If not, then check on all the cables connected to the PSU.

Maybe there are broken wires or something that is causing the fan to produce a noise.

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