Two more CPU Fans Added Resulted to Shutting Down

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I added two new fans inside the CPU. At first it will run properly. The normal start up windows will show itself but after windows started, the computer restarts and after that I can't open it. I need to pull the plug into the socket. What do you think should i do to make it run normally without removing the SYSTEM FANS

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Two more CPU Fans Added Resulted to Shutting Down


It always remind of this saying, 2 heads is better than 1 but this doesn't apply to a computer. when installing fan and you've installed 2, sometimes this is the cause of the problem.

Computer fan is designed to cool down computer and it should prevent from over heating. This is essential hardware components of a computer, because a computer fan won't spin then the machine wont turn on.

Upon installing 2 computer fan inside, all has to be in the right slots/ports. Each fan should be installed in properly with wires properly attached. They should spin constantly, repeatedly and the 2 should be on constant cycle.

Each should be in constant spinning motion and not 1 or the 2. If 1 stops then it will either shutdown the computer by itself. Each of the fan installed plays big factor to your computer. And each should work properly.

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Two more CPU Fans Added Resulted to Shutting Down


Hi Techdee,

Check to ensure that cables connecting the fans to the motherboard are connected to the rightful ports/sockets on the motherboard. Also ensure that the other cables (hard-drive and DVDR cables) are tied properly in that they do not touch on the sides of the fans because that will interfere with the motion of the fans. Make sure that the cables inside the system unit are not hanging, hence interfering with the motion of the fans.

Otherwise you can try using only one fan, if it can work that way instead of using the two fans at the same  time.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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