Oops…Windows is Tired error issue

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Hi there,

While working on my computer, after awhile when I’m in the middle of some job the computer freezers.

The following error appears.

“Oops Windows is Tired, Hey Windows is tired now. Let is freeze for sometime. See you later!”

When I select the “freeze” option, windows freezers and I can no longer carry out doing my job.

As the mouse and the keyboard do not function at this point I have to force shutdown or restart the computer.

If I select the option to “keep running”, would it in some way harm the computer?

Would this result in me having to reboot the system.

How do I overcome this issue?

What is the cause of this disruption?


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Oops…Windows is Tired error issue



The message you are referring to is not part of any windows error message. Windows error messages usually contain some reference numbers so additional info can be found from them. Also the contents of this message are really odd.

So, it must be some virus or malware. The best advice is to get an antivirus or anti malware device and scan the whole system for malware or viruses. You can use Microsoft security essentials or other free antivirus like AVG, Avast, Bit defender etc.

If you already have an antivirus then update it and scan the whole system.

Also, if scanning doesn’t help you can try reformatting your hard drives and reinstalling the windows.

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Oops…Windows is Tired error issue



The error that has shown is obviously a virus or a malware that is commonly written in a Visual Basic Script or a VPS file. Programs written in these kind of script have a direct access to system files and configurations  thus this is one of the favorite programming language used by virus makers and is commonly used for infecting computer systems.

There is no such error message in windows like this that is too creepy and unprofessional. This type of program often waits for a certain period of time or counts a number of key presses before it activates. You should have noticed it also.

You have to scan your computer using free anti virus and anti malware programs available on the internet or if you have them already then at least try updating it or set it for automatic updates and set it to its highest sensitivity to ensure greater protection.

Hope this help.

Thank you

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