CPU Fan Error with loud noises

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I need an urgent help please! I have installed Windows XP into my PC with ASUS K8V SE Deluxe as motherboard. Everything was working properly until yesterday when the following error was displayed in the computer screen “CPU Fan Error! Press F1 to continue.”

Therefore, I opened the computer chassis, checked the fan and I discovered that its sound is louder compared before.

I pressed F1 as what the message had directed me to do and it worked very fine.

The only thing that I don’t like is it happens every time I started my PC. It makes me feel uncomfortable always.

Is there somebody who can help me in addressing this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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CPU Fan Error with loud noises


Dear winthrop

Your problem is really irritating. to solve this issue first enter in Bios Pressing F2 or DELETE button.

There in the chipset setting you will get a CPU and processor fan controlling option.

From here you can select the fan and automatically run option could be enabled.

Then you will be able to solve the problem.

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CPU Fan Error with loud noises


Hi Winthop,

  • This may help to your problem
  • GO into your BIOS, and there should be an option you can enable/disable (disable in your case) case open status (or something along those lines, can't really remember). Look for something about case being open, and disable it. 
  • You should also double check to make sure you mounted the hs/f correctly, as well.
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CPU Fan Error with loud noises


Yes, it also happens to me a lot. The problem there is not with your CPU but with the cooling fan on top of the CPU or the CPU cooling fan. This cooling fan is connected to a sensor which can detect if the device is working properly or not. It can detect if the cooling fan spins very fast or very slow.

In my computer, I use an overclocked cooling fan which I bought from a local store here which sells used computer parts. The CPU cooling fan I bought is a modified version. They did something inside the cooling fan that makes it spin very fast as if it was a jet engine of an aircraft.

I don’t have a problem with the noise it creates as long as the CPU or the processor is cooled down properly. Because of the modified cooling fan I’m using, my processor never heats up. I can even touch the processor after shutting down the computer.

My computer also triggers that error sometimes when starting up but it is not because the cooling fan is noisy or spins very slow but because it spins very fast. The BIOS thinks my CPU cooling fan is faulty because the spin rate goes beyond the limit.

Generic 12cm CPU cooling fan with heatsink
Generic 12cm CPU cooling fan with heatsink

In your case, since the cooling fan is already noisy, it is a sign that the device is no longer working properly which causes the processor to heat up fast. What you can do to fix the problem is buy a new CPU cooling fan.

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