Cooler Fans or Hardware Issue that caused Overheating

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I have a gaming PC with 4 GB Ram, 2.66 GHz, Core  i7 and ATI 5870 card. Now my problem is with my CPU, which is overheating and mine Cooler Fans are not working properly. It is making some noise too. I am in a great risk with it. What can I do now? Do I have to change my cooler fans?

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Cooler Fans or Hardware Issue that caused Overheating


I think you have a problem with your fans. First, clean all your fans, so there is no dust or other things on the fan. Then, clean the whole PC. After that, check if your problem is resolved or not. If the problem is gone, that’s OK.

If the problem persists, it could be a problem with your thermal system. Use a thermal paste, to get rid of this problem. You can buy thermal paste from Thermaltek and other renowned companies to get a better performance. This will cool down your PC.

For the problem of your fan's noise, you can change your fan. For a gaming PC like yours, you must buy a powerful fan. Buy 12-16 cm fan for best performance, if you have available space. I think this will solve your problem. If you have any further problems, you can talk to the Customer Care of the shop from where you purchased your PC.

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Cooler Fans or Hardware Issue that caused Overheating



In my opinion, your FAN is overheating due to a high temperature mostly created by your Hardware.

The specs you have given is a hi-end that needs to have high-end casing.

You can add up some of its fans and have a casing with a heat sink radiator. I guess that is available in your store.

I highly recommend to do what it takes to make it cool enough cause the hardware might give up on responding because of the heat it gets.

This is a sample of the high end casing.

As long as it provides cooling effect to the unit, There would be no Problem.

Hope this help you.

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