Screen dimming problem on Samsung crt monitor

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Hey dudes,

How are you all? I am getting a serious problem with my Samsung monitor. When I start the pc it runs very fine. But, approximately after 15 minutes it becomes so much dim. It becomes too much intend that I can’t read the texts correctly. But, when I restart the pc it becomes normal for a long time.

I don’t know what sort of problem is this? Can anybody please help me to solve this problem permanently?

Thank you very much

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Screen dimming problem on Samsung crt monitor


Hi, here is the solution for fixing the monitor.

If computer system has an add-in graphics card connector and an integrated graphics connector, find the graphics card connector in computer case back, and connect the monitor cable.

If you find the display card is a PCI expansion which is a standard, in computer setup, the integrated graphics could be enabled. However if you have installed the PCI-Express display card, you cannot enable this integrated graphics.

Another reason of this error is that monitor setting is improper.

Here is the solution.

  1. Restart the machine. Enter F8 after turn on. You can find ‘PRESS F8’ at the right corner at bottom of screen.
  2. Choose Enable VGA mode, use arrow keys in the keyboard. Enter.
  3. In Control Panel, Click twice ‘Display’ icon and choose ‘Setting’.
  4. Reset resolution of the display.

If the above does not work… find a technician to fix it, it could be a problem of hardware.

Hope this helps.  Thank you.

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Screen dimming problem on Samsung crt monitor


First of all you check the hardware of your monitor from outside and inside that everything is fixed properly and nothing is loose. And then check your graphic card. If that is not a problem then you have to repair it from some expert or if you can do it by yourself then do it

Unplug the adopter and then open the screw of your monitor. Check the inventor board. The inventor board is below the screen. Unplug it from both left and right side carefully.

Because it is connect with video card and with backlight bulb from both sides. Check it. Maybe it is damaged, if it is repairable then repairs it or you have to replace it, 

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