To troubleshoot no display problem

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Hi all,

I am not getting display in my desktop monitor.what should I do now ?



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To troubleshoot no display problem



First thing you have to do is to check the connection of your computer. Check the VGA cable or the DVI cable if it is properly connected to your machine. If it doesn’t work, try to replace the VGA/ DVI cable including the power cables. If it still doesn’t work, reinsert you video cards if the, but if there is no video card installed try to clean the RAM with white eraser, take note white eraser only. If still, try to replace the RAM. If there is video card installed try to replace it.


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To troubleshoot no display problem


Hi Mr. Max,

No display problem causes due to many reasons. Kindly follow the step by step process explained below.

1. Testing of Monitor-Check all the connected cables to your monitor.Unplug plugged monitor cable and switch on your system.Are you getting a message signal on your computer screen.Then your monitor cable is ok. If not getting any signal please change the VGA cable.(The message signal display does not appear in every monitor.)

2. No display problem may arises due to SMPS problem.Short pin black and green i.e pin no 14 and 15 and check the SMPS with a digital multi meter whether your SMPS is running properly or not.

3. No display problem also causes due to installed memory card.Please clean the memory with the help of eraser and clean the slot and then place the memory properly else swap the memory with another working memory and check whether you are getting the display or not.

4. No display problem also causes due to fracture in Motherboard,burnt IC in the Motherboard and low voltage of CMOS battery.Check the CMOS battery voltage for 3 volts.It should not be less than 3 volts.

5. Ultimately swap your processor with the same family with another working processor.

6. If yet the problem is not resolved.Then install a PC analyzer/Debugging Card in a PCI slot and start the system,you will see the error code and refer the PC analyzer manual with that error code and get the solution.

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To troubleshoot no display problem


Hello there,

Is your computer’s monitor is okay or not, you can check it in an easy way. Unplug the monitor’s VGA cable. In your screen, there should a box floating or stand by. If that happens than you can understand that your computer’s monitor is working.

Now plug your monitor to the VGA port, if that is not sowing anything than either it is your VGA port problem or it is your monitor’s VGA cable problem. Check carefully that all the pins of the VGA cable are straight. If it is not working than disconnect the RAM clean it and again put it in the slot and try again.

If it is not working than I am afraid that your VGA port is damage. So you have to change it with another VGA card.

Thank you,

 Riley Weaver.


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