Control other computers from my PC

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My PC is connected with a network. I want to control all PCs from my PC. Is it possible? Does this need any software, if yes, which one is that?

If anybody used this kind of network controls, please help me. Please describe me step by step.

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Control other computers from my PC


I can suggest two applications:

1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection. Remote Desktop is Window's built-in remote control software. It lets you log in to another Windows computer and control it, as if you were directly in front of it. However, when you connect to the other computer, the screen will lock so that it is impossible for the other person in front of the remote computer to access Windows. If they unlock the remote computer and log-on then the Remote Desktop connection will be terminated. 

The link below will help answer any questions you might have about Remote Desktop. Windows Remote Desktop FAQ.

2. VNC software. I recommend UltraVNC The difference between UltraVNC and Windows Remote Desktop is that, you can view or control another computer remotely, without locking the screen. Anyone in front of the remote computer, will be able to see the mouse moving by itself. It is also a lot more flexible because VNC is a protocol recognized by all operating systems. You will be able to control not just Windows machines but even Unix, Linux or Mac as long as, those remote machines have some sort of VNC software (doesn't have to be UltraVNC) installed.

You can get UltraVNC here.

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Control other computers from my PC


Hi Ringit Pelos,

Controlling multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard or let me say in 1 access point is possible. A networking is needed and software needs to be installed in your computer, to have such control. A good example of such software is Synergy, see below;

What You'll Need:

  • Two or more computers on the same local network.
  • Synergy for Windows : If you'll be running one or more Windows PC's in your setup, download and install the Synergy Installer for Windows on each PC. (As of this writing, the current version is labeled 1.4.2 beta.)
  • SynergyKM for Mac: If you want to run one or more Macs on your setup, download and install SynergyKM on each Mac you want to use.

Click here for a Step by step process to set-up Synergy.

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