Can i use internet connection in my 2 laptops by 1 modem?

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I have 2 laptop's and 1 modem. My laptop's have Bluetooth and WiFi.

can I use internet in my 2 laptops together by 1 modem? 

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Can i use internet connection in my 2 laptops by 1 modem?


Hi James,

Definitely you can do that but you need to have your own router. Router is a computer networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks which create an overlaying internet work. Here are the things that you need to be able to have an internet connection both of your laptops: A network router (wireless or wired), Network adapters installed on all devices to be connected to the router.

A working internet modem (optional) and a web server installed at least one computer in the network.

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Hope that could help you.


– Asis

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Can i use internet connection in my 2 laptops by 1 modem?


Yes it is very possible since both laptops are already equipped with Bluetooth technology. Just make sure that both machines’ Bluetooth are working and properly installed. It would be best also to send a file to both computers using Bluetooth to make sure they are working. First select which laptop is the server and which is the client.

The laptop that acts as the server is the one directly connects to the internet using either a Wi-Fi hotspot or the traditional modem. The client laptop is the one that will connect to the server. The type of network you’ll be establishing here is called PAN or Personal Area Network.

In the server laptop:

  • Click Start, Control Panel, and then Network and Internet Connections. See the image below.
  • Open Bluetooth Devices and then go to Options tab.
  • Check “Turn discovery on” and then click OK.

In the client laptop:

  • Click Start, Control Panel, Network and Internet Connections, and then Network Connections. See the image below.
  • Right-click “Bluetooth Network Connection” and then select “View Bluetooth Network Devices”.
  • Click Add then check “My device is set up and ready to be found” and then hit Next.
  • When the computer is finished searching, select the server laptop and then click Next.
  • Pick “Choose a passkey for me”, hit Next, and then take note of the passkey on the screen.

Going back to the server laptop again, you should see a notification in the system tray that says “A

Bluetooth device is requesting to connect to your computer”. Click on the notification and then enter the passkey you received earlier, click Next, and then Finish. Go back to the client laptop and then click Finish.

Select the server laptop and then click Connect. After about two minutes both machines will automatically configure their own TCP/IP address. You can now connect the server laptop to the internet.

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