How To Resolve The Magic Jack Error 401?Please Help.

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I am using Magic Jack on my Windows computer. I keep getting the Magic Jack error 401. I am able to solve it by restarting the application. But the error pops up again and again after some time. Is there any permanent way to stop this error?

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How To Resolve The Magic Jack Error 401?Please Help.


You can have any on the following reason of the problem as stated below. Depending upon the cause you may choose the method to solve this error.

  1. The Magic Jack software version you are using might be outdated. Please update the software version from the official website of Magic Jack or through the inbuilt update service.
  2. Ensure the programme is correctly installed in your system. Try reinstalling the software as per its requirements.
  3. If you are using a ‘Realtek’ PCI Network card, you will need to rollback its drivers to previous versions.

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