Problem occurs when sharing folder through network

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When I am  trying to share one of the folder from  Windows 2003 system it gives me an error as,  “cannot share the folder as the user is not allowed to use”.

I want to use the folder and share some documents, so anyone please guide me on this error.

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Problem occurs when sharing folder through network


Hello Pluto!

There is an option in Windows 2003 of denying users in a particular permission in sharing files. In other words you need to be aware of what kind of permission you are giving to other users and also what kind of permission other users give you in accessing their shared files.

  • I just want to ask if what kind of sharing permission you chose in sharing your folder?
  • Sharing files or folders are administered through the My Computer or  Explorer and permissions can be set on a share in the "Share Permissions" tab.

There are three options in sharing a folder or a file: Read, Change and Full Control. If you chose only "Read" option, the other user can only view the file but cannot change or edit it. In "Change" option, there is a permission to read, add, edit or delete a certain file. If you chose a "Full Control" option, other user can perform any changes or options in your file. The other user will have authority to own your file also.

Hope you can get some ideas here.:)

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Problem occurs when sharing folder through network

  1. Tel the other user to share the folder with everyone, so that you can  share the folder.
  2. If you want to share any folder with other users, then you should do some settings.
  3. Right click on the folder and go to sharing; click on sharing and give user to 2 and click security ; there you will have the option to add a new user.  Give the user name, where you want to share the folder and lastly select "apply", so that it will effect the entire system.
  4. Once the setting is done, you will be able to share the folder with other users.

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