A constraint violation occurred when

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I tried to add a contact to the corp SMTP address for forward option under the “Delivery Options” in “Exchange General”, which didn't work because the “trust” account already exists in the Domain. I also tried to add his corp-address in “Delivery Options” of “Exchange General” and get the following errors, for which I’m unable to find a solution. "A constraint violation occurred. ”

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A constraint violation occurred when



First I will suggest that you countercheck and see if there are any spelling errors in the address, because that might be the possible cause to the problem.

In case there is none, then try using the procedure below to solve the problem:

  • You will need to set up a Windows Server 2003-based domain controller, and I will suggest that you give it the name “DC1" and then setup a second one and name it "DC2".
  • Once done that you will log to the second domain controller that you created and then start the AD users, and also start the computer snap-in, and then you will create a custom OU and then change its group policy settings. Once done that, you will then modify the GPO.
  • Finish by creating an IPSec policy which you will then assign.

That should help you fix the constraint violation error that you are receiving.


Lee Hung


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