Computer randomly crashes and powers off with no display signal

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My PC automatically powers off after some minutes of normal use (opening OS, MS Word typing,

Internet Explorer surfing), then suddenly my screen turns black and displays "no signal input".

Could there be a problem with my operating system or is it a hardware issue?

I suspect that it could be my power supply.

Here are my computer specs:

Processor: AMD Athlon 7750

Mobo: Emaxx 780G-PRO

Memory: 2GB DDRII-800 (Generic, no brand)

Video: Nvidia 9600GT 512MB

HDD: WD 250GB Sata II

Supply: 350 Watts (Generic, "Geniepower" brand)

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Computer randomly crashes and powers off with no display signal


I think it is your BIOS' thermal sensor that causes the instant shutdown of your computer. When you turn on the power of your computer, the processor in your CPU tends to heat up immediately as a natural reaction to electricity.

Then as you use the computer, the processor continues to heat up. If it reaches the temperature limit the CPU will automatically shutdown. In order for the processor to maintain its temperature, heat zinc is attached over the processor.

The heat zinc will now then absorb the heat released by the processor.

And to add more to the cooling system of the processor, a cooling fan is installed right above the heat zinc. While the heat zinc absorbs the heat released by the processor it is also been cooled down at the same time by the cooling fan which pumps cool air from the CPU into the heat zinc while sucking the hot air out. This way the processor can maintain its temperature.

You can also monitor its temperature in the BIOS and set some parameters. For example, if the temperature of the processor reaches a specific level, the CPU will automatically shuts down. Maybe this is what happened to your computer when it reaches an undesirable heat level.

To remedy this, check the cooling fan installed above the processor if it’s still functioning well.

If it has a problem spinning freely, replace it. The processor cannot function well without cooling effects.

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