Wiped my hard drive out, want to recover

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Hello! I have a problem with my computer and I am seeking your help. I have been using a Dell Dimension 4400 with Windows XP and accidentally I wiped my hard drive out. Now my computer doesn’t work at all. I have a feeling that I completely erased everything including the drivers. Is there any way for this computer to be fixed? If so, I would really appreciate if you tell me how. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you.

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Wiped my hard drive out, want to recover


Hi Jaiden,

Don't be panic on that incident, there is only one process that can allow deleting harddrive and that's formatting. If your not doing this, i can assure you that the data is still there. Common errors on Operating Systems are the failures on rebooting, where the process takes time before you can use your program or OS.

Here are some steps how to recover your data:

1. Start your Computer.

2 Press F7 or F8

3. Select Last Known Configuration That Work or Safe Mode

4. Restart.


Just in case you can't perform these steps due to some corruption of your Operating Systems. All you have to do is to reformat your hard drive and copy your important files to another hard drive or backup. This is the only way to save your valuable files from your PC.  

Here is the process:

1. Get your hard disk from your old computer.

2. Place it in the enclosure so that your hard drive can turn into the flash drive.

3. Copy the important files and transfer to your new hard drive which is your backup.

Next step is the OS installation once the installation is done you can now transfer your file to the new Harddrive.

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Wiped my hard drive out, want to recover


Hello Jaiden,

If you wiped out everything from the computer including the drivers, and even the operating system then it means that the computer will not work at all. You will need to reinstall the operating system for the computer to be able to be functional again.

Therefore, you will just have to get an installation CD for the windows XP version that you were using on your system, insert it into the computer DVD drive and then restart the computer. Be sure to boot the computer from the CD when it asks you to do that so as to load the operating system, and then follow the rest of the steps as the installer will guide you.

When the installation is over.

You will then search for the drivers on the internet, download them and install them on your computer.


Mahesh Babu


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