Computer ps2 port is damage

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My Computer ps2 port is damage so it's no work. now i cant not work in my computer.

Please solve the problem

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Computer ps2 port is damage


You need to provide more information, like whether or not your computer can start, if your computer has an OS running and whether or not you have had any bios updates. You also need to state whether or not the damage is physical.

If your computer can start, try to get a USB keyboard and mouse.

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Computer ps2 port is damage


USB keyboard and mouse may have some time such type of problem, but you can fix it very easily.

You need to copy these files from your PC (they are Windows' USB drivers):

  1. Hccoin.dll you can find this at (c:WINDOWSsystem32)
  2. Usbehci.sys
  3. Usbhub.sys
  4. Usbport.sys

File number 2,3 & 4 can be found at : C:WINDOWSsystem32drivers)

You have to copy these files to their respective locations via floppy or CD by booting to an MS-DOS prompt. USB keyboard and mouse will start working if you copied them.

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Computer ps2 port is damage



Well dear friend, this is extremely risky but I think you have no other choice. 
Binary's BIOS Mods has a program, Modbin.

This program will allow you to perform modifications to an AWARD BIOS. Perhaps it will allow you to change the USB keyboard default setting. 

I think I don't need to point out that modifying your BIOS could be dangerous. I suggest you follow the tips on making a BIOS recovery disk at that same site. The Award BIOS has a protected boot block which means that it should always be able to boot a floppy. Even if you have no video and no keyboard access, a correctly created recovery disk can auto-flash your original BIOS. 

But you will have to do it yourself I can’t help you any more on this and nor I did this on my system.

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Computer ps2 port is damage


PS2 are the most important ports in your computer and failure of their operation might be caused by damage of the dual channel controller chip. There are basic things you can do like plugging in and out and see the response, try out other peripherals with ps2. when the problems persists the might have originated from the motherboard and what you are required to do first is checking the location of the monitor port., try installing the drivers again. If things are serious try working with onscreen keyboard through a usb port or get a usb to ps2 converter.

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Computer ps2 port is damage


Hi Anonymous,


I have read that the problem you’re having “PS 2 port problem” may I ask what is that for the mouse or keyboard? I have also encountered with the same problem of yours, have you tried using the mouse or keyboard that is for PS2 used, just to confirm if the PS2 is really the problem. If confirmed how many PS2 port is problematic?  You can resolve the problem by doing the following:

a. Have you tried the keyboard or mouse which is both PS2 on other PC? – To determine if the problem is either of the 2.


b. If confirmed say for example the PS2 mouse then you buy a mouse that is USB cable on the end. Likewise if the problem is the keyboard you do the same.


c. If you have lots of USB  port of USB port in your PC then you can use that one of either mouse or keyboard. Or if there is only one available you may buy a USB hub port for more additional USB port available to be used.


d. Or another option if you want a lesser expense you may buy a cable that has USB on the end and on the other end  is 2 PS2 ports for mouse and keyboards, in this way you can save a little

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Computer ps2 port is damage


The dual channel controller chip might have been damaged which would because the PS2 port’s not to work. It sounds like it could also be a problem with the motherboard, where all your cables pug into. The PS 2 and com ports are on the motherboard. If so, then you might have to replace the motherboard.

There are some things you can try. First check to see where your monitor port is located. It is either going to be a separate card or somewhere on the motherboard. First disconnect all the cables except for your monitor which is the cable with a blue end. Turn on your computer and see if you get the XP log on screen. If you do, then turn off the computer.

Next, if you have USB ports and a mouse with a USB connection plug it into your computer, turn it on again. Once the log in screen comes up, if the mouse arrow appears, try moving the mouse pointer around. If that works, try clicking on a user. If you have a keyboard with a USB hook up plug it in.


Another problem is that the mouse or the keyboard is faulty. The best way is to replace them and try to insert and see if they will work. Alternatively the motherboard may also be faulty. consider a replacement

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