How to image a hard drive to recover lost data?

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Last night, I found my old 80GB hard drive which I had formatted and disposed few years back after I bought the new PC. There are lots of information on the hard drive which were useless during those days but I desperately need them now. How can I recover all of my data from a old hard drive? If imaging is the best idea, help me out to image it perfectly.

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How to image a hard drive to recover lost data?


If there is no problem with the old hard drive and your computer can detect and access it, there is still the possibility of recovering the files even if you already formatted it and left it somewhere for several years. But don’t expect a one hundred percent [100%] recovery chance because that’s not possible.

Since you already formatted the old hard drive, you can still recover the entire partition if you can unformat it. Back in the old days, there is a DOS executable called “unformat.exe” that is able to unformat a floppy disk as well as a hard drive. But since I’m not sure if we can still use it today because of our modern operating systems, you can still unformat your old hard drive using the different tools designed for Windows.

Try using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The tool can be used both on Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Download and install it on your computer and follow the instructions on the page on how to unformat your old hard drive. Remember, you have a high chance of recovering your files if you formatted your hard drive only once.

If you formatted it twice in succession, you cannot recover all your files. Also, make sure after formatting your hard drive you didn’t put or copied anything into it. Because if you do, it will overwrite the data on the disk and you will no longer be able to unformat the entire hard drive.

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