Should The Air Compressor Be Replaced? Air Conditioner Compressor Not Working

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Hi. I am facing a problem in my air conditioner compressor from some time now. The air conditioner compressor not working in such heat is causing a lot of misery. What could be the possible problems caused and how can the issue be resolved to avoid going to the service center?

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Should The Air Compressor Be Replaced? Air Conditioner Compressor Not Working


Hi. I can totally understand that air conditioner compressor not working can be such a pain. The problem might be persisting due to one of the following reasons:

1) The air compressor might have lost its cooling capacity because of not being able to maintain the proper pressure in the compressor.

2) Due to abrasion of the air compressor

3) There might be some problem with the wiring or short-circuit of the wires in the compressor

4) There might be continuous switching on/off of compressors due to some problem with the fuse or the wiring.

5) In case of overheating of the compressor, it fails.

The problem can be solved by following the below-given steps-

1) First, the working of the air conditioning compressor conditioning unit needs to be checked. Once ensured that it is working, move onto the next step.

2) Check that the plug is not loosely plugged in and is the wiring is not damaged.

3) Ensure that the switch, fuse, circuit breaker are not off. If off, switch them back on.

4) Make sure that the compressor coil is not blocked or choked due to overheat.

5) See to it that the compressor fan is working properly. If not, then switch off the compressor once and then switch it back on.

6) However, if you followed all the above steps and checked all the parts of the compressor and it is still not working, then, you need to show it to the service center.

Hope we helped.

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