Computer keeps on shutting down

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Hello Everyone,

I have this big computer problem that I can't seem to figure out at all. My computer is only a year old and I do not keep it open for more than 8-10 hours a day. But recently, it keeps on shutting down randomly, within an hour or two. Though, it doesn't give me any trouble after that I just find it very weird and sometimes frustrating especially when I am in the middle of an important work. It happens once everyday. Can somebody explain to me what's going on,please? Thank you very much!

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Computer keeps on shutting down


There is always some reason that causes these unexpected shut downs and reboots. You need to pin point the exact cause that leads to this malfunction. Only then can you correct the problem and carry out successful computer repairs

The following are some of the reasons why your PC keeps shutting down randomly.

1.Computer Virus-The most common cause of computer keeps shutting down is a computer virus. This virus causes unexpected changes in your computer and makes vital changes in your computer operating system. This interference from the virus causes your PC to shut down automatically. You need to use a good antivirus software to keep away the bugs from your computer.

2.Overheating-Another most probable causes of PC keeps shutting down is overheating. If the fans placed within the CPU or laptop fails to cool the machine, it results in unexpected shut downs. This is the desktop computers way to cool down and function normally. You can fix this problem by placing a desk fan near the CPU that will help support the internal fans and keep the machine cool. Those using laptops should keep their laptops on a flat, smooth surface that helps provide proper ventilation for the fans.

3.Windows- Windows operating system may also be a cause of computer keeps shutting down. This happens when Windows cannot find a setting it needs to function. This error causes it to shut down your PC.

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