Computer doesn’t work (on) sometimes.

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I have face some problem to use my computer, some times when i try to on my computer it doesn't work .just showing in the monitor -windows is loading and after some time it just hang. my computer is pentium 4 , 1.7GHz and ram is 512.  How can i solve my problem ?

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Computer doesn’t work (on) sometimes.



You asked very common topic. It is general problem to hang up PC, because of your low disk space and slow processor. Another problem you have Windows XP file missing from your PC.

However now  i am telling you some instructions

you can re- set up your PC from cable, RAM, hard disk….for why. sometimes the system remain long for. and properly can not find service. You must clean up your RAM before set up.

and secondly install your XP by upgrade time. please install properly from original version. it may use faster from past.

At last you can Scan your whole computer. because your symptom  may victim to virus.

these will help you.


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Computer doesn’t work (on) sometimes.


Hi Rabbi,

      In your case, I have a better idea, you better read and follow the steps i will give to you. hope you will follow this steps.

1st step – Go to your bios setup, in your bios set up, you can see if your hard disk drive were detected or not. Be sure that your hard disk drive were detected. Set the Time and Date to your Bios. Be sure that the Time and the Date were exact time to your location.

2nd step – Clean your computer using blower or paintbrush suitable for computer, be sure that all dust and cobwebs were removed from your processor socket,  RAM slot and video card slot. Then try to turn on your computer. If this step would not fixed the problem of your computer? Then proceed to 3rd step.

3rd step – Try to wipe the lead of your RAM using smooth eraser, then put it back to your RAM slot. be sure that the RAM is inserted correctly and tight. Then try to turn it on.  Or  upgrade your processor and RAM.  If this step doesn't fixed the problem of your computer? Then proceed to the 4th step.

4th step – Check your power supply, maybe your power supply cant support the exact current for you computer

5th step – Reformat your computer using windows xp editions. Then install the applications and antivirus that suitable for your computer.  

Hope  this steps will fixed your computer problems.

Good luck!


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