Computer crashes while surfing with online browser

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My PC crashed while I was surfing the internet. Did it crash because of the cold temperature while I was surfing or while I was browsing the local files? Can problems arise while using an online browser?


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Computer crashes while surfing with online browser


Hi James! 

Computers can really crash especially when we are multi-tasking. Browsers alone can use up to 300MB of memory. 

How much is your memory? If your memory is only 500MB, maybe that is the reason why. Even if your computer has 1GB of memory, sometimes it does because of the factors like CPU temperature as well as the usage of it.

Were you running on many programs while you were browsing? If yes, that might be the problem. 

Sometimes, it can also be that there is a virus in your computer from browsing the internet. Conduct a virus scan and see if your machine is indeed affected. If yes, there is always an option to reformat your computer or if your antivirus can remove the virus, it would be much better. 


Hope this helps. 

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