Can’t upgrade Orion NTA database 3.0 to Orion NTA 3.1

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Hi all.

Configuration Wizard states that my running database is not 3.0 version and unable to continue, saying that database need to be upgraded to version 3.0 first.

Previously, I used a version 2.2.1 installed at this Pc, but I haven’t try to upgrade it. I need proper set up. I assumed that I've already uninstalled version 2.2. just last month. I am free from Flow*.* or Netflow*.* tables in my database. But now, why I am unable to access to previous version (v3.0) of Netflow Analyzer? 

Help needed please. Thanks.


Your Orion NTA database is not an orion NTA 3.0 database.

Before upgrading to orion NTA 3.1 you must install Orion NTA 3.0.Please update your current installation to Orion NTA version 3.0,and then rerun your upgrade..Netflow Traffic analysis configuration is not possible and will be skipped.

Do you want to continue with this upgrade?

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Can’t upgrade Orion NTA database 3.0 to Orion NTA 3.1



Hello Josh Pikee, I have a process of migration our Orion 8.5 installation to a new 9.5 installation.  
Would you like to export the database from 8.5 and then import them into 9.5?  There were a problem is that if you have netflow 2.2 on the 8.5 installation and 3.5 on the 9.5 installation.  
According to support, you have needed to do the following steps.
Upgrade NF 2.2 to NF 3.0 on Orion 8.5
1. At first Backup the database from the Orion 8.5
2. Now uninstall Orion 9.5 on your new server
3. Now install Orion 9.1 on your new server
4. Now install the database backup on your new server
5. Now point Orion 9.1 to your new database
6. Now install NF3.1 sp2 on your new server
7.  Now upgrade 9.1 to 9.5 on your new server
8. Now install NF3.5 on your new server
After completing all steps you will be confirm upgrade.

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