Security issue of Database how to solve?

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We are tried to develop the Cisco 2921 router. The router is developing in the branch of our organization. Our branch consist of near about 10 apple and mostly reapplication and remittances of the data and send that facts to the across wans. So my question is that what parameter should we use for the protection of the data and the network named as ASA 5510 which are building in the branches..



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Security issue of Database how to solve?


Hello Jouse,

It is important to ensure that your network is protected especially if you intend to be communicating and sending data to other networks which you may not trust fully. Some of the best mechanisms to ensure that your network is safe from harm by outside sources include the use of firewalls. Restrict your network in a manner that only trusted people can use it, and in case you need to allow someone from outside the network let them first verify their identity so that you can allow them to connect to the internet.

Filter all untrusted networks and links so that when users try to access them, the firewall blocks their access. Also use encryption when transmitting the data to the other networks so that unauthorized persons cannot get access to the data as a result of sniffing through the network.


Lee Hung

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