Can not define is_ns 70

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Hi experts

The JavaScript console knows how to display the full log record or just warnings, messages and errors.

The error in following the figure shows that at, line 95 wants to access an indeterminate variable called is_ns70. By pressing on the link will start Mozilla's internal view source window by way of offending in line highlighted.

Error: is_ns70 is not defined

Source File:; Line: 95

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Can not define is_ns 70



I don't know if its calling for a function or a parameter but in either of the cases it must be giving out null that is causing the issue.

  1. First of all, locate this name where it is inside the code. You might have to do CTRL+F in order to find it.
  2. Once find, make a TRY/CATCH block of the code its running in to check the null exception.
  3. Once the block has been made, simply save the program.
  4. After that compile the program again using javac and then execute it. It will at least do this that the error will not come again. 
  5. Rest you need to see if it has something to do with your own code or is it an external variable associated with your code.

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