Script For Image map generator with Popup Block

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I have been working with an Image Research Application now I have to create a part that generates a window which showing  Image map generator with Popup window which provide usability to user to work on image and able to edit things like

  • Image
  • Co-ordinates
  • Hot Spot

    • RECT
    • CIRCLE
  • Map Name
  • Area & Anchor Tags
  • Final Code – So that it can generate new code by putting all together ?

For Eg. Like This

Example Image
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Script For Image map generator with Popup Block



Make use of "Word Press'" from there you can help your self. Word press is a content management system, And it will help you to edit images and any type of content. Now you are talking about the features that you've mentioned above is basically related to particular software. Well there are many paid and free software available on internet. You didn't mentioned OS as well. There are all types of software for each OS. For example- windows XP, VISTA, 7 OS all comes with Image editor software. Same process followed by Apple's Mac OS,

Now I am giving you a link from where you can review 5 image software.



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Script For Image map generator with Popup Block



We can open a popup window using a regular anchor or we can use an image map.  I attached two texts documents to this message.  The first text is called jscript.txt and it has a Java script code that allows for a window to popup.  The second text document is called map.txt and has the code that will open two popup windows from an image Map.  Both documents have comments so that you can understand what each line of code does.

I hope this will help you.

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