Can anyone tell me how to use treeview in excel?

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Hi guys,

Can anyone help me by possibly telling me how I can get the treeview in excel to work on a userform?

I am having no luck with this at all. Any code would be helpful also.

Any help with this problem at all would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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Can anyone tell me how to use treeview in excel?


Steps to use TreeView control in MS Excel:

Create a new workbook and add few formulas to worksheet 1 & 2.

Enter the Visual Basic Editor, and add a new useform to your book.

Add a new blank code module then add the code to launch the useform.


Sub ufLaunch ( )

          ‘Launch the useform


End Sub

To add TreeView control to Control Toolbox > Right-Click Toolbox >Additional Controls

Scroll the list and Check Microsoft TreeView Control Version X

This would add up TreeView Control to your Toolbox.


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