All that you should know about Macros before working on them

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How do Macros help to make my work easier in Excel? Is it possible to hide the Macro that I am using so that others do not see it? Why do I see a prompt which reads  "Enable or Disable a Macro" sometime on my workbook when I am working with macros?


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All that you should know about Macros before working on them


Hello Avah,

Macro is a tool in Excel through which you can perform a complex task with just one click. Suppose you need to calculate and analyze data that are present in column A, B, C. Now you need to do various calculation between data of these 3 columns. You need to just do this calculations one by one serially after click record macro. After finishing the calculations just click stop macro. Now when you run this macro with a new set of data those serialize calculations will done automatically by excel and hence it is reducing time and effort.

Every workbook which has macro will be saved as an macro enabled workbook. So if other person open it he or she will be able to use your macro as there is no option for macro hiding.

Enable macro means if you enable then the sheet will be eligible for macro run, disable means the sheet is not eligible for macro run. We are basically enabling and disabling macro run through that prompt.


Derick Harris

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