Can anybody help me with software connects to voice chat?

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For whole next month I’ll be away for business trip, so I was wondering if someone may help me with software connects to voice chat? List some good voice chat software, so that I will be in contact with my family. Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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Can anybody help me with software connects to voice chat?



Hi Mich,

I can help you with that. Here are the list of voice/video chat you are looking for:

1.  Yahoo Messenger – a software from Yahoo! that allows you to chat whenever you are using a PC. It allows PC-to-PC voice/video call anytime. This way, you can be sure to stay connected to your family.

2.  Skype – a commonly used software that supports live chat and allows you to connect with people from all over the world.

3.  Google Voice – It provides PC-to-PC calls and also PC-to-Phone calls (for U.S. only) and it also has voicemail feature.

4.  VBuzzer – it is cheaper than Skype when you would call from PC-to-Phone (vice versa). And like the earlier mentioned software, it also supports PC-to-PC free!

5.  VoxOx – you can use this one in both your mobile and PC. It has a lot of features like conference call and fax.

6.  Viber – If you are using an iPhone and looking for a free way to call, you can use this one.

7. Grasshopper – this is also a good one, but it is mostly used in business –related communication.

There you go, I hope it helps you.

Reaiu Hathy

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