What is copyscape and how it works?

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Hello fellows, I'm working for a website. It requires article that passes the Copyscape. What is it?

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What is copyscape and how it works?



Hello Mr.Sattar.

About Copyscape: Copyscape is an online detection service. It works against the online plagiarism. It automatically checks for a similar article on any other websites. It is used to prevent 'content theft'. If you copy an article from a website and paste it in another website-this will be called plagiarism and Copyscape process can detect these things. In 2004, the Indigo Stream Technologies, Ltd 1st introduced this system.

How it works: If someone puts the url of an article, the Copyscape will return a list of several websites where this content is written with the same words as given article.

Note: So don’t copy anything without permission from any web site.

Thank you.


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What is copyscape and how it works?



Copyscape is a site that offers services of detecting similar text content which is plagiarized by another user. It is usually used by bloggers and publishers to check if one site had copied without permission from their own site. It also claims that it can detect even the contents are rearranged, rephrase or repackaged by the user with the intent of concealing it.

It is easy to use, just paste the URL of the original content and the website show results of the webpage that contain the matching text

Other services include:
• Online banners (free) – warns plagiarist who would want to copy your content
• Copy sentry (paid) – automatic scanning of the web, can be daily or weekly. Sends email notifications if copies are found
• Copyscape Premium (paid) – more powerful than the free service, added new features: verify contents which came from copy and paste. It has a batch search and case tracking with the API

Here is the site: http://www.copyscape.com/


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What is copyscape and how it works?



Copying someone else idea is stealing. Good thing Indigo Stream Technologies, Ltd innovated a technology that detects or checks such actions. In 2004 the company created a website called Copyscape that detects or checks articles or posts that has the same content with your posts or articles.

Just simply type URL of your website here (http://www.copyscape.com/)

then Copyscape will provide a webpage that has the same content with your articles or posts.

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