Camera Error 4003 on BlackBerry PlayBook

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I am having an issue with my BlackBerry Playbook. I don't know why and how it occurred but it keeps showing an Error 4003. It is a camera error and I can no longer use my camera as the error keeps showing when trying to access it with a black screen. I searched online and they said this is a bug from BlackBerry but I want to know if there is still a fix for this. My device is currently out of warranty so can someone please send a working solution for this? Thank in advance. I posted the image error but I apologize if it's not in English language.

Camera Error

Error.4003 picture


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Camera Error 4003 on BlackBerry PlayBook


You might want to try resetting your device to its factory state. First, just make a back up of your device and download the Desktop Software if you don't have it yet. When done with the back up, unplug your device and push then hold down the Power button. Do this until the device force powers off. Connect it to your computer while the Desktop Software is on. You will see the error screen from the Desktop Software on your computer with the options to Retry, Update and Cancel. Choose the Update option. This will delete all the information on your BB PlayBook and re-write the software again. Once done, you will need to re-setup your PlayBook again. Simply follow the on-screen instructions until you are done with the process.

If this doesn't work, please read on below:

This issue is known to be a hardware glitch from BlackBerry and up to now, there had been no signs of how to fix this issue except for returning your PlayBook to BlackBerry. I have heard from some friends who had the same issue and they called BlackBerry. Surprisingly, even if their unit is out of warranty, BlackBerry send them a new PlayBook. Just try calling the RIM support depending on which country you are. There are also some instances that the hard reset will temporarily fix the issue but your device must be returned to BlackBerry RIM. Talking to their support team will take you some time so you need to be very patient. After all, after this you will have your brand new BlackBerry PlayBook again.

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Camera Error 4003 on BlackBerry PlayBook


If the problem with your BlackBerry PlayBook is only with the camera but all other parts of the device are working, you can probably fix it by updating your BlackBerry PlayBook’s operating system if they said it is a bug with BlackBerry which refers to the mobile operating system. First, install BlackBerry Desktop Software.

Since you are using BlackBerry PlayBook, download and install BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.1. Once installed, connect your BlackBerry PlayBook to your computer then start BlackBerry Desktop Software and then update your device. You can also update your device without using the computer or the BlackBerry Desktop Software. You can use the built-in update function on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to check for updates via over-the-air or OTA.

To check for updates, tap on the gear icon located on the upper right corner of the screen then go to Software Updates and then select “Check for Updates”. See image.

If an update is available, tap Download to download the update. When the download is complete, tap Install to install the update. This will fix the existing bugs on your BlackBerry PlayBook. Currently, the latest software for BlackBerry Playbook is BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 [Software update v2.1.0.1753] released on September 10, 2013.

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