Cannot start FRAGSTATS in XP

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Hi, I am unable to get FRAGSTATS to run under Windows XP. When I download it, it looks okay and no problems were pointed out, but when I click on the icon and also I tried to select it from Start menu program list, the hour glass showed up for some moments and then disappear all of a sudden. I'm feeling so sad that FRAGSTATS never started. What to do?

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Cannot start FRAGSTATS in XP


Looks like you are experiencing the symptoms generated by the ESRI license manager. What actually happens upon starting FRAGSTATS are the following:

  1. It starts looking in the system path for the grid library
  2. Once it found a grid library it loads then initializes
  3. It checks to see if you have the ArcGIS and the aigridio.dll and if they are legitimate
  4. Then it will start the application without any issues

If the legitimacy of either ArcGIS or aigridio.dll is not validated, then the library aborts the operation and it could be any of the following:

  1. The dll copy is not part of the installation
  2. The license manager was misconfigured
  3. All license are already in use

To have this issue resolve, you must do the following:

  1. If you only have the ArcView present, make sure that you also have a copy of avgridio.dll
  2. Have both the ArcView and the avgridio.dll are in the bin folder of the installation
  3. If both ArcView and ArcGIS are installed, the arcviewbin must be in front of the arcgisbin
  4. If only the ArcGIS and/or the ArcINFO Workstation are present, recheck the license manager configuration

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