Blank error message box comes out when launching Java Web Start

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Hi experts,

First up, I am using Windows XP. When I turn on my web setup app (and even during its initial installation), it shows an error box all the time, with no extra information.

See the image below:

If I click the "OK" button, the Java Web Start app runs and works very well. Thankfully, this just appears as a bother rather than a showstopper. Still, I'd like to know what caused this problem.

This only occurs on Windows XP – not in Windows 7. The Windows Event logs never indicated any problems; no errors were shown on the Java Console (which is to be anticipated, since I think this error message has nothing to do with JWS directly, but more about XP).

I have to solve this. It's troublesome.

Please help.

Thanks a lot.

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Blank error message box comes out when launching Java Web Start


It looks like you may have the Java Webstart Bug which is usually the root cause for getting the error dialog box. Anyhow, you can try turning on “Direct Connection”.

Just go to Java Control Panel then to Network Settings. Can you also tell us what version of Java are you using when you get the said error dialog box?

You might also want to try Java 1.6 instead because this version does not produce the Java Webstart Bug. I would suggest though that you try the direct connection first and if you really need to use a proxy instead then that is the time that you may want to use the Java 1.6.

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