Netbeans Version 7 fatal IDE Error

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Hello guys,

I am using netbeans to refer to integrated development environment (IDE) for developing with java. I have installed the version 7 of IDE but before that I was using the 6.9 version which was running perfectly fine. The version 7 of IDE results in more frequent errors than version 6.9. I don’t know why but I keep on getting the following error message on my screen:

Cannot recover after last error. Any further errors will be ignored.

Fatal Error: Cannot recover after last error. Any further errors will be ignored.

From line 12, column 18; to line 21, column 12

Further processing of the file may be significantly affected by this fatal error. Please fix the problem before continuing editing of this file!


(Alt-Enter shows hints)

The code is running exceptionally but these errors keep on coming over and over again.

Can anybody guide me how to get rid of these error messages?

Your suggestions and views are most welcome.

Looking forward to your views.



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Netbeans Version 7 fatal IDE Error


The reason that it is causing the error in version 7 and not the version 6 is because of only one reason. The latest version of the netbeans has an automatic option enabled of PHP-HTML integration. This option is factory enabled.

So the HTML tags that were working fine with the previous version of the netbeans will now be detected as an error due to this thing. So what you can do is

  1. Either downgrade to netbeans 6.9 again because there is not much difference in both versions and you are also having problems in the newer version.
  2. Manually disable the feature by either going through their forums or by using a quick fix placed at their website.

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